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Teens should use a Natural Deodorant

Do you think Tweens and Teens should use a Natural Deodorant?

Teens should use a Natural Deodorant as adolescence is a developmental phase where a young teen begins puberty and starts to notice physical changes in his or her body.

The smell of sweat of a child in the age group of 2 to 8 years is different from that of a teenager. This is because with the onset of puberty, there are many hormonal changes taking place in the body that causes increased sweating.
There are two kinds of sweat glands in the human body the Eccrine glands and Apocrine glands. The Eccrine glands are evenly spread all over the body. The Apocrine glands are accumulated more around the genitals and underarms.

Eccrine glands release sweat that has salt content and helps in cooling the body, it is a good sweat. Apocrine glands become very active only during puberty. The bacteria in the skin are attracted to the Apocrine secretions more than the sweat released by the Eccrine glands. It is the combination of the bacteria and the sweat from the Apocrine glands that produces body odor.

During puberty tweens and teens often find the changes difficult and need guidance around body hygiene.
It is important for teenagers to be encouraged to develop proper hygiene routines like showering daily with soap!
For some teens showering may be enough while other teens should use a natural deodorant.

Deodorant is something that will be worn throughout their lives. As parents we need to educate and inform our kids about products. We need to get our kids to read labels on body products so they can make better choices as they become adults – like choosing a natural deodorant!

The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs everything we put on it. There have been many concerns about the long term effects of aluminum in anti-perspirants and as well the chemicals in commercially produced deodorants.

See EWG for more info about cosmetic ingredients.

Purelygreat makes natural deodorant for the whole family. Introducing your teen to a natural deodorant will increase their awareness around chemicals and help avoid potential issues as they go through their growth spurts. Teens should use a Natural Deodorant!

Using a natural deodorant can help long term breast health as there are axillary lymph nodes all around the breast area and underarms. Part of underarm health is keeping your underarm skin healthy, free of skin irritations, dryness and rashes.

As a Mom of a tween I will need to discuss and educate my son on the effects of store bought deodorants since he already wants what his friends are using!

Since I make natural deodorants I am hoping both of us can educate his friends to purchase natural products.

Teens should use a Natural Deodorant

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