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A Plant Based New Year

When Deb and I agreed to set out on a family road trip over the holidays with our son Matthew, we never suspected we would also be setting out on a journey towards adopting a plant based vegan diet! In fact, I was pretty sure that our trip to New Orleans, LA would include opportunities for some Southern BBQ and traditional Cajun cuisine.

Shortly before leaving, Matthew declared that he had gone vegan and was committed to a totally plant based diet!

The fact is, he has become somewhat fanatical about his newfound plant based veganism. Making us listen to vegan podcasts in the car and youtube videos in hotel rooms that proclaim that plant based diets are the path to real health and even have incredible healing powers to overcome many afflictions. Some of these podcasts talk about curing cancer, diabetes, cholesterol and weight issues while increasing energy allowing people to go off their prescription meds.

Plant Based Breakfast

Then there’s the whole environmental and humane aspect of the meat industry vs. a plant based system. It sure was a wake-up call to think about how we are currently living and how we need to be moving towards a sustainable future. We had many discussions over the course of a few weeks with Matthew as he preached this change of lifestyle and how we would benefit as we age if we act now! H’mm maybe that Statin prescription I recently started on my 56th birthday also had me thinking about the future, my lifestyle and my diet.

We have always strived to support our sons' endeavours and this being a healthy pursuit is certainly worthy of our efforts. Or it might have been that super greasy smoked brisket sandwich I had in Nashville that kept me rolling around in bed all night! Either way during the course of our road trip we had joined him in eating only plant based foods. While it's only been a few days and I’m sure my body is still detoxing and cleansing, I have noticed that with plant based meals digestion is easier…

As we went shopping in supermarkets along our trip we became aware of the broad selection of vegan foods available across all categories of the supermarket. From plant based “dairy” products that replace milk, yogourt and cheese, to meat substitutes like “Beyond Meat” burgers it is easier than ever to substitute meat with delicious plant based alternatives.

Even popular fast-food chains are now offering plant based meals that range from burgers to meatballs! It is a trend that is growing quickly and likely will continue to evolve as awareness and demand for these alternatives grow.

Plant Based Protein

Here are a couple of links to videos, articles and podcasts we watched and listened to. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do… of course, having a fanatical 19-year old along for the ride helped!

Forks Over Knives

Game Changer

Purelygreat has been on a mission to help our customers Embrace a Natural Lifestyle and we truly believe shifting towards a plant based diet is a huge step in that direction. We know it's hard to change your complete diet, however, even taking a small step can have huge health benefits. Replacing red meat or dairy products will help you shift towards a healthier more natural lifestyle.

And of course, using natural body care products and natural deodorants that are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Aluminum Free and Paraben Free, also ensures you are moving towards a natural lifestyle, one that is more sustainable for all of us!