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Toilet Paper Hoarding - a Healthier Option

Toilet paper hoarding has made a big splash (pun intended) in the news and social media over the past few days! We have all read the stories, if not experienced first hand the phenomenon of toilet paper hoarding and the long line-ups at big box stores everywhere.

Looking back now, it must have been a serendipitous moment when a few days before all this Coronavirus madness took hold, I came upon an article in Chatelaine Magazine about Bidets. The story captivated me and my ongoing mission for ways to Embrace a Natural Lifestyle and we ordered one on Amazon!

It seems that we made a great investment and just in time! Only a few days later the price of these bidet attachments seems to have tripled and the model we purchased is out of stock!

Bidets are a natural solution to the toilet paper hoarding dilemma! Not only do they save toilet paper they also have many health and environmental benefits.


Bidet attachments are available at a very reasonable cost... for the price of a few of those extra-large packs of toilet paper you can have your Tush treated to what feels like a luxurious SPA, rather than the abrasive scrubbing we’ve been taught is normal, healthy and hygienic!

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The environmental cost of toilet paper is outrageous! From the loss of virgin forests and the huge quantity of water used in manufacturing to the petroleum resources it takes to get that roll of precious, single-use softness to your door. Let’s not forget the possible health risks posed by all the bleach and chemicals your nether region actually comes in contact with daily. If living a more natural lifestyle is on your mind you may want to do your own research!

Here is a link to some history about Bidets.

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Here a link to the Bidet we ordered on Amazon!