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Shopping for Environmentally Friendly Summer Essentials

Everyone wants to get outside during the summer. Whether it’s a weekend spent at the beach or hiking in the mountains, summer is the time to get out and enjoy nature. However, as a nature lover, you’ll want to go out with environmentally friendly and health-conscious products. Natural products are not only better for your body, but they’re also better for the planet. Let’s take a look at some of the best things you can buy to enjoy your time out in nature, while at the same time, doing your part to save the planet.

Organic Cruelty-free Sunscreen

The sparkling water, fresh ocean air, and the sound of the waves; the mighty ocean certainly can bring peace to the soul. While the sun and surf rejuvenate your spirit, make sure you also treat your skin to an organic sunscreen. Organic sunscreens use minerals, such as zinc, to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Your average sunscreen contains harmful chemicals such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, and octocrylene. AnFDA study conducted by Dr. David and published in the Strauss Journal of the American Medical Association, demonstrated that these chemicals can leach through your skin and into your body.

Another study published in the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, came to the shocking conclusion that sunscreen played a part in destroying coral reefs around the world and are not very environmentally friendly. The study demonstrated that the toxic chemicals in sunscreen caused deformed growth and DNA damage to coral. So do yourself and the environment a favor, and use organic, cruelty-free sunscreen.

Clothing and Gear

Purchasing organic and sustainable clothing and gear, such as shoes, backpacks and beach towels, is another good way to support the planet. Look for stuff made of organically grown, natural fabrics for both comfort and sustainability.

Among the best beach towel materials is organic cotton; cotton is highly absorbent and easy to wash. Organic cotton also comes in a wide range of prices. Look for towels that are unbleached and only use natural dyes.

Another option is beach towels made of hemp or bamboo; hemp and bamboo are a sustainable product that can be made into all sorts of fabrics. The best beach towel made of hemp or bamboo is organic, unbleached and colored with natural dyes.

Organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo fabrics can also be found in hiking gear and other summer clothing. It’s not only environmentally friendly, but it’s also breathable and very comfortable. Backpacks made of hemp are very durable, and bamboo can also be made into all sorts of outdoor gear.

Recycled Swimwear

Unfortunately, you can’t get swimwear that’s not made with petrochemical-based synthetics. The fact is, when cotton, hemp, and bamboo gets wet, it simply gets soggy and stretches out. These fabrics are simply not suitable for a swimsuit. The good news is, you can buy swimwear made of recycled materials, such as plastic water bottles and even old, commercial fishing nets. However, make sure the swimsuit was made in a country with good worker conditions. If your recycled swimsuit is made in a slave factory, that is not ethically sourced.


Compostable Sustainably Sourced Picnic Gear

Whether it’s a picnic basket or dinnerware, there are great eco-friendly alternatives. Picnic baskets made of sustainably sourced bamboo, reeds and willow is always a good choice. You can also find compostable dinnerware, including plates, forks, and spoons, crafted from bamboo; that is a much smarter choice over your typical plastic spoons and forks. While you’re at it, be sure to fill that picnic basket full of wholesome, organic foods and drinks, such as cool salads and iced green tea.

While living an organic, sustainable and ethical lifestyle takes more time and thought, in the end, it will benefit both the well-being of the planet and you.