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All natural deodorants: Just a fad or the new normal for beauty products?

Are All-Natural Deodorants Just a fad?
The other day I was promoting our Purelygreat all natural deodorants at an event and someone said to me that all natural deodorants are just a fad. She thinks it’s a niche market with little potential given that, well, people can be lazy. They want to buy their products as cheaply and as easily as possible. She also said that she’s never found a product that works well when she exercises – especially in the summer.
This is a common feeling and I totally understand where it comes from. Sure there have been some duds. Over the years (and still) there have been all natural deodorants and other natural health products that just don’t work. And I sympathize because I have used these duds. But if we step back from whether all the products work equally, what are we left with? A growing market of products aimed at a growing segment of consumers. Only look at the number of new all natural deodorants on the market.
More competition means more customers and in fact, more competition forces Purelygreat to stand out above the rest.
But obviously making the switch to an all natural deodorant like Purelygreat is a personal choice. People do it for different reasons. I knew that it was important to me to use products whose ingredients I understood just like it’s important to me to try to do the same with the food I put in my body. But it’s a balance right? Who doesn’t sometimes want to indulge in fast food? And full disclosure, I still sometimes buy my old standard shampoo brand because it’s easy and cheap.
all natural deodorants
So while my choices sometimes don’t reflect my ideal, it’s definitely not a phase. Now I am much more aware of the products I use and I’d say that 50% of the products I buy I’ve sourced for health, ethical or environmental reasons. Compare that to 0% just 15 years ago! And I’m not alone. Most of my friends and family are on the same path. It’s a slow progression but it’s definitely not a fad! We are getting new customers every day. All natural deodorant is not going the way of the scrunchie or the beanie baby.
If you are reading this blog post (and not already a wonderful customer), you are probably already thinking of making the switch. Or you have just not yet found a product that works for you. If this is you, let us send you a free sample at
And about the woman I mentioned at the beginning of my post? She’s tossed her leg warmers and fanny packs but she won’t be tossing her Purelygreat all natural deodorant any time soon.
Check out our All-Natural, Aluminum Free Deodorants today and see why its not just a fad!