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Dry Skin and Winter

What to do about those winter dry patches? We have hit a really cold spell in Peterborough, ON, (awesome new hometown of Purelygreat) and have noticed more dry skin - always something to contend with in our Canadian winters!
When the hot air is blasting indoors, I get particularly dry skin. I was at a block party last weekend where my neighbours were comparing scaly arms! I’ve always had trouble finding a pure soap and lotion that could put up a fight to the winter itch (as we call it!). That’s why I was so excited to come across Haute Goat Soap.Haute Goat is a pure soap with vitamins to
Goat-Milk-Soap Haute Goat Milk Soap
moisturize and nourish your skin including A, E, C, some of the B vitamins. Seriously it does wonders for my dry skin. I also put on Purelygreat Hydrating Lotion probably 3 times a day at this time of year! My teenage son has even started using it - and let me tell you, it’s not that easy to convince him to use something that I use. Pure soaps and all natural lotions alongside our amazing all natural deodorants is such a perfect marriage for Purelygreat. We offer our own products and at the same time you can try these other amazing products we recommend - especially ones that can soothe your dry skin! So back to my neighbours, I offered them some sample products and well, I can say now that I definitely have some new best friends on the block and I already have a few orders. It's not hard when the products speak for themselves. So stay warm, and *not* dry this winter :) I know that we will! Happy winter! If you still haven't tried our all natural deo - get a sample and test it out for yourself!