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Natural Deodorant Information

Antiperspirants work in different ways. Some work by shrinking sweat glands, others work by clogging or shrinking the pores in your underarms. Many studies have shown that the compounds in these antiperspirants are not healthy, not allowing sweat glands to release necessary toxins.

When you switch from a commercial antiperspirant to a natural antiperspirant or non toxic deodorant, your glands and pores will start to unclog, open up and function properly. At this time, toxins and other fluid buildup are being released and one may notice an increase in body odour. This is a good thing your body is cleansing itself of bad stuff.

During Detox some people get rashes, itchy and discolouration hang in there.
Also your lifestyle will affect how your body reacts and detoxes. if you are a smoker or eat spicy foods etc.

Here is a great article on Detox:

Hang in there! It will get better!

Considering a switch to a more natural way to stay fresh in Canada or the USA? Try a new vegan deodorant for a week or two. We have a 7 Day Trial Offer where you can try our natural deodorants (aluminum-free and some of the best cruelty-free deodorants on the market), specifically formulated for both men and women! These vegan deodorants are also plant-based deodorants, so you can be sure they're free of animal-derived ingredients.

Switching to a vegan deodorant? You might experience a build-up of sweat initially. This is because your body is adjusting. To ease the transition, try dry-brushing your underarms before showering and using an exfoliating mitt.

Another tip: get your sweat glands working by exercising! Don't worry, thicker sweat at first is temporary.

Wear natural fibers like hemp, cotton, and bamboo. These help sweat evaporate and allow your underarms to breathe, making them perfect for vegan deodorant users.

Drink plenty of water! Hydration is key for overall health and sweat regulation.

Things To Ponder:

  • Does your deodorant keep you dry for the day?
  • Do you know that most of the content of  a roll-on is wax?
  • Did you know that you have lymph nodes near you armpits?
  • Do you know what ingredients are in your deodorant like aluminum and parabens?
  • Have you researched natural crystal deodorant to ensure it is really safe?
  • Have you tried natural deodorants that don’t last all day?
  • Do you get skin irritations from your deodorant?
  • Did you know that your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything you apply to it?
  • Are you concerned that the chemicals in deodorants are connected to breast health?
  • Did you know that spray deodorants are bad for you to inhale on a daily basis?
  • Does your deodorant stain your clothes?