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Foraging Mushrooms At The Cottage

On the theme of Embracing a Natural Lifestyle, foraging is often overlooked.

There are many great websites, Facebook groups and sources of information online about identifying and preparing different plants and mushrooms for eating and medicinal use.

I had my first foray into Foraging mushrooms recently while Deb and I were at the cottage.

Growing up I was always warned about the dangers of eating wild mushrooms, and while that is clearly an important survival message parents impart to their children, there are many mushrooms we can pick and eat safely, the key is identifying them correctly and positively.

I have been watching videos on Youtube and joined several Facebook groups on the topic, so when we came across this beauty, I couldn’t resist.

Known as Pheasant Back or Tryad’s Saddle - these young specimens were the perfect age for eating. But First to Identify them beyond any doubt. created by Adam Haritan is a great source of information with detailed videos on a variety of topics around forest species and mushrooms.

Posting photos of the mushrooms (Both sides) to a topical Facebook group and getting feedback from numerous people is also a good way to help understand what you've found and how to best enjoy it

Honeycomb shaped pattern underneath
(not Gills or Teeth) serves to identify this species.

Basically, with these mushrooms, the scales on top, the honeycomb shaped pattern underneath along with the cucumber smell all serve to positively identify this particular species.

As for eating them, we fried them up with onions and enjoyed them as a side dish with burgers. I think next time I’ll try them in a soup.

You never know what you'll find when walking in the woods... I was actually out searching for spring Morels another specie that is easily identified and make very good eating... hopefully next time!

While I'm not trying to convince anyone to take risks eating wild plants and mushrooms, I think with enough research it is possible to gain the insight and skill necessary to enjoy so many food sources available all around us naturally.

You know those pesky dandelions we call "weeds", they actually make a great addition to your salad - and I've heard the roots can be used in a stew!

As we continue down the path of providing healthy natural body care products, we hope you find your way towards Embracing a Natural Lifestyle. Whatever that means for you!