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Men's Natural Grooming Products

men's natural grooming Photo: carolina saavedra I was watching my teenage son get ready for a date the other day and I counted the number of men’s natural grooming products he was using. I guess things really don't change - I would tell my 16 year old self not to overdo it with the hair gel! The difference is that the products I used were full of unpronounceable ingredients. The ingredients in the products my son is using are things like cornstarch, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, clay, beeswax, vitamin get the picture. My son has all the products out in a row like little soldiers - body soap, shower gel, facecleanser, shaving soap, aftershave cream, lipbalm - lucky him he doesn't have to buy a lot of them as he can find many of them on our office shelves. A perk of the family business! Purelygreat knew from the start that we wanted to create and sell men’s natural grooming products that are tough and effective. We did market research to determine the optimal deodorant blend and scent. Many trials later, we landed on the current patchouli and citrus men’s deodorants. We also have a new men’s deodorant scent coming soon that we are really excited about - think Pirate's! It appears more businesses are realizing that men’s natural grooming is a growing market. Men do care about their skin and they do care about making healthier choices. I know I do and I know that my son does. More families are choosing natural products and therefore a growing number of young men will be more aware and will be better informed consumers as they get older. I think it is a positive sign that consumers are taking a greater interest in men’s natural grooming products. Many people think that beauty or skin products are just for women. Men care about their skin too. They care about how they look and smell and they care about the environmental impact of the grooming products they use. So to all the men out there….happy grooming!