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The Plant Paradox – Dr. Gundry

Recently a customer emailed us about how they found our deodorant in The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry. So of course we went straight over to the local book store and much to our amazement – there we were! Endorsed in the book as a “friendly substitute” for commercial deodorant brands!

Once again our EWG Verified status and the Skin Deep Database and the work they do in ensuring ingredients in cosmetics and household products are safe for consumers has created awareness for our Purelygreat Natural deodorants and also other natural solutions! We are very grateful to get recognition in The Plant Paradox by a leading physician, researcher and expert in health.


This book is also a very interesting read about diet and how the foods we eat are not necessarily as healthy as we might think! Even if you don’t believe in fad diets, the concepts outlined here come from Dr. Gundry’s years of working with thousands of patients as both a clinical surgeon in the mainstream US medical system and now as more of a holistic practitioner.

There is ever mounting evidence that diet is a huge contributor to all sorts of illness and also that through a plant-based diet many common health issues can be resolved and even better, avoided.

Prescription drugs may provide us a quick simple solution to many common ailments, but they come at a huge cost, both financially and in terms of risks of side effects, just listen to the television ads and the disclaimers they have to mention!

Changing our eating habits, while somewhat more difficult is clearly a better path to follow towards a healthy lifestyle. Today more than ever there are healthier choices available at the supermarket and in restaurants. With a plethora of plant-based food options popping up on the market it has never been easier to choose healthier options.