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Travel Hacks For Packing Toiletries

It’s that time of year again – when everyone asks about how much time you are taking off and if you have travel plans for the summer. We spend a lot of time at the cottage but so many of us take the summer as an opportunity to travel to visit family, friends and new places. Given the amount of time we spend outdoors on summer vacation, it's helpful to have some great travel hacks for packing toiletries (with good products to match!) for those hot summer days. It’s also helpful if the items on your travel toiletries list are compact to easily fit in your suitcase or carry-on. One of the side benefits of Purelygreat is that it is in a small container to begin with - you only need a dime sized amount of Purelygreat each day. But often when I travel for short amounts of time, I put a small amount in a contact lens case to reduce the size even more! Here are some other ideas and tips for slimming down and simplifying the bulky items.Summer Travel Toiletries Hacks

Our Top Travel Hacks For Packing Toiletries:

·you can purchase packages of empty small travel containers at the drug store or the dollar store (or the little containers from the last hotel you stayed in will do in a pinch!)

·use masking tape on the bottle caps to prevent leakage

·solid items like soap bars can be cut (and replacing liquids with solids help for airline carry-on luggage)

·sew the sides of a washcloth together so it can double as a holder for a soap bar

·fill an old eye drop bottle with toothpaste

·ask for some extra trial dental floss containers the next time you are at the dentist

Above all, we here at Purelygreat wish you safe and healthy summer travels.

What are your top travel hacks for packing toiletries?

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