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Sprouts + Microgreens

The Purelygreat team has been getting into some new spring routines lately! Two of our favs are sprouts + microgreens! Here are a couple of great blog posts that can help you get started with sprouts + microgreens juicing...


Sprouts & Microgreens

Just like the vegetables they would become if they grew to full size, sprouts + microgreens are packed with nutrients like vitamin A, B vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, disease-reversing compounds, and other phytochemicals. READ MORE>>


Healthy Juice Recipes For Body Detox

If you want help with stopping cravings in the middle of the day Red Rainbow Veggie Juice will do the trick. I like to drink it in the early hours, but I have also had a swig in the middle of the day. It is full of veggie and the name of this juice is based on the tomatoes that are in this drink. Veggies include tomatoes and peppers, carrots, yellow lemons, celery, parsley, romaine, and cilantro. Great way to get your vegetable requirements for the day and detox your body. READ MORE >>