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Are Natural Remedies Really That Important for Your Health?

Are Natural Remedies Really That Important for Your Health?
When you hear the word "natural," you probably think of things that are clean, fresh, and good. "Natural" implies that something is the way it should be — that you're experiencing it in its truest form.

The same train of thought applies to natural remedies, which is why they're so popular today. The global herbal medicine market alone is predicted to grow by $39.6 billion between 2021 and 2026. Natural remedies are also offered by more healthcare institutions today as over the counter prescriptions. This is allowing more private practice healthcare managers, who set organizational priorities for such clinics, to start integrating more holistic treatment options with modern medicinal practices.

Below we further define and list some of the multiple benefits they offer to further prove why natural remedies are still and will remain relevant in the years to come.

What are natural remedies?

In a nutshell, natural remedies are health-related treatments derived from purely natural ingredients. For example, you can make a cup of warm ginger tea instead of heading out to buy Pepto-Bismol. Natural remedies can also extend beyond the medical realm to issues of hygiene. We've previously shown that drugstore deodorants contain toxins like phthalates, talc, steareths, and aluminum compounds — all of which may cause cancer. To remedy this, you can look to our own Purelygreat natural deodorant for safer bacteria- and odor-killing properties. By foregoing the many chemicals and additives found in modern remedies, natural remedies help you avoid any side effects they may pose to your health.

What do they have to offer?

They don't really differ from modern pharmaceuticals

Natural remedies are just modern remedies in their purer form. Many ingredients found in today's products are derived from natural sources. For example, the salicylic acid used in many facial washes comes from willow bark. As a result, natural remedies offer the same benefits their modern counterparts do — without the dangers posed by their additives.

They're inexpensive

Since natural remedies are less processed, they're cheaper to procure. This is particularly important given that Americans currently pay over $1,500 per person for prescription drugs alone. This is a 35% increase from 2014. The general cost of healthcare also increased by 19% in that time. Natural remedies thus offer safer treatment alternatives for a more affordable price.

They support a healthy lifestyle

Crucially, natural remedies support your body's ability to heal itself. Side effects from taking prescription medicines may need to be resolved by taking even more drugs, causing dependency. You might also be allergic to the compounds prescription drugs contain. Natural remedies not only avoid this altogether, but also encourage you to live a healthier lifestyle that's less dependent on today's chemical additives.

They're backed by science

Most importantly, many natural remedies are backed by scientific research. For example, ingredients like turmeric and chili peppers as well as essential oils derived from eucalyptus and lavender have all been found to be effective for pain relief. Meanwhile, a 2017 Nutrients article titled The Effects of Magnesium Supplementation on Subjective Anxiety and Stress found that a magnesium-rich diet can ease stress.

Something to keep in mind

Probably the most important thing you need to remember when using natural remedies is to do your research thoroughly beforehand. US law does not require standardization from people who sell natural remedies in packaged forms like tablets, pills, or tinctures. Since moderation is key in anything that you do, you may end up taking more of a natural remedy than necessary. Doing your research will help you safely and more fully reap the benefits of these treatments. If in doubt do contact a healthcare professional.

Natural remedies are a safer, affordable, and scientifically-proven alternative to modern medicines and products. By knowing the advantages of natural remedies and the best way to use them — both alongside and instead of their modern counterparts — you'll become healthier in a holistic and more sustainable way.

Article written by Jackielyn Roane Exclusively for Purelygreat

Image credit: Pexels