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Healthy Deodorant Cream with Three Simple Ingredients

healthy deodorant We believe using a healthy deodorant is an important part of a healthy lifestyle! Embrace a natural lifestyle and discover the health benefits of using a healthy natural deodorant. Join the wave of health-conscious people who are concerned about links between mainstream deodorant and their health. A large number of people in this group also find they have allergies to many of the complex chemicals and compounds in the manufactured products often found in your bathroom cabinet. Have you ever wondered what exactly you are applying to your body every morning? These unnatural chemicals can have a massive impact on your health. Our promise to you is that we put your wellness first. As a family run eco-conscious company, each time you apply Purelygreat’s 100% natural deodorant, you can feel super confident that you are using a product that is:

Vegan • Aluminum Free • Triclosan Free • Paraben Free • EWG Verified™ • Cruelty Free Free

Purelygreat uses only 3 simple ingredients (plus essential oils for scent).

See how our natural healthy deodorants rate on Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Database:

Natural Soda (Organic) Corn Starch(Non-GMO) Vegetable Glycerin As you may know, many commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain Parabens - OUR HEALTHY DEODORANT IS PARABEN FREE! And we are now EWG Verified- for your health! You might also be interested in this article: