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How To Sustainably Build in the Cargotecture Style

The Cargotecture Style Sustainable Build is a growing trend in housing. Essentially, this clever name denotes a home that is built using a refurbished shipping container. This may seem a little odd but there are so many reasons why this is a viable option for anyone looking to build a stylish, sustainable and minimalistic dwelling place.

Building a Cargotecture Style Sustainable Build home can be an amazing way to try something new and interesting while also keeping a focus on sustainability. If you find yourself starting to plan the journey that will be creating a home like this, then here are some sustainable things to consider before starting the process.

Use Sustainable Power

Cargotecture Style Sustainable Build homes are typically longer than they are wide and shaped like rectangles. They are made of metal and have large windows. This urban style works perfectly aesthetically with solar panels. So, when you are considering what power source to use for your daily life you should buy solar panels. Solar energy is a major contributor in home sustainability. You purchase your solar panels from a reputable company, have them installed and begin reaping the benefits of energy that comes directly from the original energy source on our planet: the sun! Solar power and shipping container homes simply go together perfectly in terms of sustainability and aesthetic.


Buy Refurbished

As globalism continues to trend upwards international trade is on the rise as well. Because international trade has essentially become a staple of the global economy, shipping containers are being used constantly to move goods both large and small across oceans. Thus, more and more shipping containers are being used and being used to the point of exhaustion. Often, shipping containers are abandoned or disposed of once they become less usable in whichever country they find themselves in. This is because the cost of refurbishment or returning them to their country of origin can be very high. If you are building in the style of cargotecture, you should look for old and unused shipping containers. Saving these large and non biodegradable items from landfills and turning them into your dream home is a great way to be sustainable.

Launder Responsibly

While it makes life a lot easier to have an electric washer and dryer, there are more environmentally responsible ways to wash and dry your clothes. Hand washing your clothes in the sink or bathtub or even outside with a hose uses less water than a machine, creates less waste, takes less energy and can potentially increase the longevity of those clothes. Air drying clothes is something people have done for thousands of years before dryers were invented. You can run a clothesline between two stable poles or trees and let the sunshine and fresh air dry your clothing for you, or you can purchase a collapsible drying rack for inside of your home. This can save you space and energy.

Install a Rainwater Tank

This relatively simple installation process that can range from a large plastic barrel to a more complex steel set up essentially collects and stores for your reusability rainwater from the sky or your roof. This can then be routed into your home's water supply when necessary. This gives you access to a whole resource that does not drain from any local aquifers or rivers. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to this concept. Many companies even make custom collection tanks to fit your properties exact needs and aesthetics. Like solar panels, these nifty things also tend to be made of materials that aesthetically work with metallic and minimalistic architecture. Rainwater collection tanks are a wonderful sustainability option for your potential cargotecture style home.

Not only does the cargotecture style lend itself towards sustainability in a home, it also reduces the cost of building. If you are considering this as an option you are not alone. This popular style seems to only be trending upwards as people see the benefits of reducing their carbon footprints and there is no better time than now to jump on board!