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6 Simple Tips To Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

One of the best things you can do for the environment and your budget is to find simple ways to make your home more environmentally friendly and eco-friendly as possible. The more mindful you are of the environment, the fewer resources you’ll end up using each month and the lower your utility bills will be. The key to lowering your carbon footprint lies in making the right choices. Here are a few simple tips to help you make your home more environmentally friendly the easy way.

1. Be Mindful of Your Watering Habits

Watering your lawn is the only way to make sure it grows well and gives you the beautiful landscape design you know and love. However, you need to water the right way otherwise you’ll end up wasting water and could even cause damage to your grass. Start watering your lawn in the morning before the heat of the day causes the moisture to evaporate or at dusk when the temperatures start to drop. Give your lawn the TLC it needs by hiring a professional lawn mowing service to trim your grass for optimal water retention. Just search online for “lawn mowing near me” and you’ll find the perfect expert to help you.

2. Start Recycling

Recycling is the best way to cut down on the amount of waste your household contributes to landfills every year. Get in the habit of recycling items appropriately in your area. If you’re not sure where to start, contact your local waste management provider for information or speak with your local government about your options. They’ll let you know what can and can’t be recycled and how to handle each item. Remember torinse out food and beverage containers before you toss them in the recycling.

3. Set Your Thermostat the Right Way

If you’re like most homeowners, your home’s heating and cooling system are the biggest contributors to your energy bill. The more energy your home uses, the larger your carbon footprint will be and the worse your habits are for the environment. The best thing you can do is modify your thermostat settings. Set the thermostat a few degrees warmer in the summer while you’re at work and lower it when you’re home to enjoy the air conditioning. In the winter, opt for sweaters and hot tea to stay warm and leave your thermostat a few degrees lower. You’ll save money on your electric bill every month while also being more eco-friendly.

4. Use Reusable Bags

Plastic bags may be convenient at the grocery store, but that doesn’t mean they’re good for the environment. These disposable bags end up in landfills, pollute waterways and threaten the health of animals across the world. Instead of continuing to use plastic bags when you go grocery shopping, switch to reusable bags. These will last for years and immediately cut down on the amount of waste your home generates.

5. Schedule an HVAC System Tune-Up

As your home’s heating and cooling system gets older, it will start to lose its efficiency. The less efficient the unit is, the more it will cost to keep your home comfortable year-round. The best thing you can do is schedule a tune-up once in the spring and again in the fall. This will help you keep your unit in good condition and ensures that it can run as efficiently as possible.

6. Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

Think about the light fixtures you have in your home. You likely have at least one light source in every room and that light source puts out a lot of heat and uses tons of energy every time you flip the switch. This is because traditional light bulbs are designed to produce as much light as possible. Manufacturers weren’t concerned about how much energy the bulbs use. Instead of leaving them in place, upgrade toLED bulbs. These light bulbs use a fraction of the energy that traditional bulbs need and last for years longer.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to make your home more environmentally friendly in no time.