Give Pink – Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Give Pink – Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

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10% of our UNSCENTED Cream Deodorant sales are donated to CBCF Give Pink.


We know there are many “Pink” charities and over the years many stories have come to light about “PinkWashing”. Stories of companies that purport to donate proceeds of sales to charities that help with breast cancer, but in reality, little if any funds are donated or make any meaningful contribution to really help fight the battle!
Purelygreats’ association with The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has deep roots. Philip, a partner in Purelygreat, also runs a production company that has produced numerous videos on behalf of CBCF. During those projects he has had the privilege of interviewing the Founders of CBCF and telling the story of how the organization came to be and how it has grown over the years and granted over 50 Million dollars to leading Breast Cancer researchers who are working hard everyday towards a cure and making incredible breakthroughs in treatments of Breast Cancer.


Philip had the privilege of interviewing many of these leading researchers and physicians in their labs and hospitals, and as  well many breast cancer survivors. So Purelygreat really does know how the money we donate each year makes a direct difference towards beating this battle and finding a cure.

Included here are links to several of the videos produced for the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the CBCF.
They tell the story of founding CBCF, research and survival.
Oh and of course you can help support this great organization and keep yourself healthier by using a natural deodorant
try a sample for yourself!

About Debbie Cohen

Debbie - Founder/Mompreneur/Healer/Developer of Great Formulas at Purelygreat Purelygreat is a family run business founded in 2011, in Toronto, Canada, we have recently relocated to Peterborough Ontario. Over the years Debbie has dabbled in lots of stuff, including working in group homes, seniors fitness, rec programs, and was the founder of the 55 Plus Outdoors Club. In her 30's she took a mishmash of entrepreneurial jobs to survive, including working in reflexology for ten years. This was when she met her partner Philip and they brought Matthew into the world (now 14 and a half). After visiting a bazaar and coming across a natural deodorant, a new business idea began percolating in her brain. Long story short, as a healer Debbie found her passion of natural products, became a raving fan, bought some deodorant wholesale, started a tribe of natural deodorant users, took a workshop on how to make it, spent years perfecting the formulas, built a lab, dragged her husband into the business and gave him time to fall in love with it. Fast forward 5 years later they now serve thousands of natural lifestyle customers worldwide.

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