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Room-by-Room Guide to Household Toxins

Household Toxins can be found in most homes. If you want to take steps to rid your house of potentially dangerous household toxins that may effect your family, here is a great top 10 room-by-room guide to where they may be lurking. Often the culprits are commercial products such as cleaning agents, fragrance products, even household finishes such as paint and carpets are potential culprits. Using simple, natural products in your home is the best way to minimize exposure to household toxins and unhealthy chemicals. Often products made by smaller niche companies are a better choice than the big brand items. Simple old school cleaners like Vinegar, Baking Soda and Borax are very effective and usually less expensive. READ MORE >>

Household Toxins Bodycare products are also very important to your families' health. Here are some safe clean products Purelygreat loves and uses in our home! Learn More >>