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Study warns about potential effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals

endocrine disrupting chemicals

A recent landmark study warns about the potential effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (hormone) on the health of people and wildlife.

The chemicals in your home, food and car are linked to a whole range of diseases. Awareness is the first step towards creating a safer environment for you and your family. Some factors are easier to change than others, try starting with smarter choices about the products you bring into your home and the ingredients they contain. Many maintream household products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals and there are few if any regulations banning these substances here in North America.

There are many small niche companies that manufacture natural cosmetics, bath & beauty products, household cleansers as well as laundry and dish detergents. Look at the ingredients lists and whether the products you are surrounding yourself with are actually natural, or just "green-washed" versions of the same old chemicals wrapped in "eco-marketing".

Another GREAT resource to help you make safer choices is Skin Deep®This site is packed with important health information about the cosmetics you - and your family - use every day. You'll find product and ingredient safety ratings, health information about cosmetics ingredients and smart shopping tips you can trust. Here's how to use the database to find out exactly what you want to know: Want to find out if your products are safe?
  • Look up a product. Enter its name in the white search window.
  • Look up an ingredient. If you want to know if a particular ingredient is safe or if you're allergic or want to avoid it for other reasons, the database contains information about possible health concerns, which products contain it, other names - and a whole lot more.
  • Search by company. Want to know how a certain company stacks up? Search its name to see how its products rate.
  • Find safer alternatives. Pick a category (toothpaste? shampoo? mascara?) and peruse product ratings. Warning: goods in some categories, like hair relaxers, have uniformly high hazard scores. FIND COMPLETE GUIDE HERE
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