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Do You Read Labels Before Purchasing All Natural Deodorant?

I want to talk about reading labels on all natural deodorant. I have come across deodorants that claim to be "all natural deodorants" and still use chemicals like propylene glycol and fragrances. Some of the deodorants say "paraben-free" or "aluminum-free" that does not make it an all natural deodorant product. All ingredients in truly all natural deodorants need to be chemical free and fragrance free. If you cannot read the name of an ingredient it is usually a chemical.

all natural deodorant

Keeping your armpits healthy is important there are axillary lymph nodes all around them. Their function is to filter out all the dead bacteria, viruses, and other dead tissue from the lymphatic fluid and eliminate it from the body. They are also the place where the white blood cells (lymphocytes) spend much of their time. Healthy armpits are vital to breast health. Your armpit skin should be free of rashes, dryness and chaffing and discoloration. Our under arm skin is sensitive and needs to be treated kindly!

My all natural deodorants have 3 ingredients plus essential oils. They are safe for the whole family! Next time you need a deodorant go all natural! Deb PS - Don't just take our word for it - see for yourself just how clean our ingrendients are on EWG's Skin Deep Database