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Deodorant with Aluminum or Natural Aluminum Free Deodorant?

As this month is breast cancer awareness month, I have a relevant story to share.

Aliminum-Free Deodorants

The other night I had the pleasure of having dinner with a 90 year old woman who had battled breast cancer late in life. We got to talking about deodorant and about my business making an all natural aluminum free deodorant. She piped up and said she thought her breast cancer was from using commercial deodorants and antiperspirants and that she had decided to stop using deodorant altogether. I thought this was so insightful! Research studies have been done to see if there is a correlation between breast cancer and aluminum. I know there is no hard evidence stating this is true but I would rather be safe than sorry. As a woman going through menopause I feel a lot of changes in my body and realize that I could be one of those ladies with breast cancer. There are so many lymph nodes near your armpits, sweating and releasing toxins is a good thing. With a natural aluminum free deodorant you still sweat - you just do not smell! Also you can feel safe and comfortable applying your aluminum free deodorant cream knowing it is made up of all natural simple ingredients - why take a chance use an aluminum free deodorant!

- Deb, Founder Purelygreat


See EWG For more info on ingredients used in skin-care products