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Why Purelygreat is Better For You

From improving your skin health, to reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals, learn how Purelygreat is the best option for your body.

✓ Cruelty-Free

✓ Vegan-Friendly

✓ All-Natural Ingredients

✓ No Aluminum

✓ Paraben Free

✓ Won't Stain Clothing

✓ Long Lasting Formula

✓ Made In Canada

✓ EWG Verified™ For Your Health

⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️
"I love this deodorant! I quit using antiperspirants a long time ago and have tried a few different natural deodorants. With this one there is no smell whatsoever. I will definitely stick with this product."

- Patricia
⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️
"So I was skeptical but my wife convinced me to try this deodorant. Always concerned about the effect of chemicals on my health, but didn’t want the embarrassment of smelling. I work hard and sweat a fair amount. Well, this cream is easy to use, smells great, and actually really works. I will never go back to my old aluminum and paraben containing brands. Consider me sold, and healthier."

- Michael P.
⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️ ⭐️️️️️
"Look no more…this works and it’s EWG verified. There’s no other deodorant that compares to PurelyGreat!"

- Courtney and Jeremy


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