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Purelygreat Natural Deodorant

Any 4 Deodorants & FREE SHIPPING*


Your body is unique and we know it takes trial and error to find a natural deodorant that works for you!
We are convinced you will discover natural deodorants are right for you and you family, which is why we are offering our introduction to natural deodorants so affordable. This 7 day trial offer allows you to test our highly-rated Natural Cream Deodorantsfor only $1.99 CAD.

Healthy natural deodorants for your whole family!

Mix and match ANY 4 deodorant sticks or creams and save! INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING* to Canada and USA
*(On Orders of $48.95 after all discounts)

EWG VERIFIED For Your Health™! Deodorants are used daily so choose a safe natural option:

    • Stop worrying about long-term effects that using aluminum may cause!
    • Keep your lymph nodes healthy and let your pits breathe and release those toxins! 
    • Our natural deodorant is effective and keeps you smelling great
    • Purelygreat uses only natural ingredients, including essential oils
    • Essential oils used are good for hormone balancing and deodorizing
    • Save money on stain remover and new clothes
    • No need to reapply during the day or worry that you smell!
    • Our deodorant sticks and creams are packaged in recyclable containers making them eco-friendly
    • Purelygreat deodorant is vegan & cruelty-free
    • Travel-friendly size – no issues at security!
    • EWG VERIFIED For Your Health™!

I love this deodorant!

I quit using antiperspirants a long time ago and have tried a few different natural deodorants. With this one there is no smell whatsoever. I will definitely stick with this product.

— Patricia