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Purelygreat Natural Deodorant

Any 4 Deodorants & FREE SHIPPING*

Healthy All Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorants for your whole family!

Mix and match ANY 4 All Natural and Aluminum-Free deodorant sticks or creams and save! INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING* to Canada and USA
*(On Orders of $49.95+ after all discounts)

Experience the benefits of natural deodorants with our natural deodorant, which is aluminum-free. It offers effective odor control while prioritizing your wellness and the environment.

EWG VERIFIED For Your Health™! Deodorants are used daily so choose a safe natural option:

    • Stop worrying about long-term effects that using aluminum may cause!
    • Keep your lymph nodes healthy and let your pits breathe and release those toxins! 
    • Our All Natural deodorant is effective and keeps you smelling great
    • Purelygreat uses only natural ingredients, including essential oils
    • Essential oils used are good for hormone balancing and deodorizing
    • Save money on stain remover and new clothes
    • No need to reapply during the day or worry that you smell!
    • Our all-natural deodorant sticks and creams are packaged in recyclable containers making them eco-friendly
    • Purelygreat deodorant is vegan & cruelty-free
    • Travel-friendly size – no issues at security!
    • EWG VERIFIED For Your Health™!

I love this deodorant!

I quit using antiperspirants a long time ago and have tried a few different natural deodorants. With this one there is no smell whatsoever. I will definitely stick with this product.

— Patricia


Thinking about making the switch to our all natural, Cruelty Free deodorants?
You probably have a lot of questions, and in this FAQ
we have the answers to your questions about natural deodorants.

How Long does it take to receive my order?

We ship all orders via Canada Post*
*Due to Additional Fees - We Do Not Track Orders To USA

Delivery time is approximately:

  • 5-7 business days within Canada
  • 10 business days to USA


What is the liquid I see at top?

If you see a liquid at top of jar when you open it, that means the product has separated (which is natural).
This is the vegetable glycerin separating from the baking soda and cornstarch base. PLEASE STIR BEFORE USING.

Will I have to stir it every time I use it?

This should only have to be done occasionally. But if you don’t stir it you may find the essential oils to strong under your arms.

How much do I need to use?

Use sparingly you only need a little, about a small dab on your fingertip. (see “How-To-Use” page)

How do I apply the deodorant?

Apply a small amount down the center of the armpit and you are done!

Will it stain clothing?

Our water-based underarm deodorant will wash out of clothes unless you use too much.

Can I apply after shaving my underarms?

Underarm deodorant should not be applied soon after shaving as it may cause irritation.

My All Natural Cream Deodorant has dried-up can it still be used?

If you find the product drying up just add a bit of water and stir!


Will they melt if left in high temperature environment?

Because we don’t add any stabilizers to our natural stick deodorants, they will soften and melt if left in temperatures over approximately 110°F –
like in a hot car or mailbox!

To accommodate this during the summer months, we are shipping our sticks in heat-resistant packaging. We may also delay shipping during extreme heat events as we don’t want you to receive melted stick deodorants! We will do our best to communicate any delays in shipping, and should you have any concerns please reach out to us.


Our products are all natural, however sensitivity to ingredients may vary, see list of ingredients for any known allergies or sensitivities you may have. Should you experience any irritation discontinue use.

Do not use immediately after shaving underarms.

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