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Concerns about Natural Deodorant

Concerns about natural deodorant are normal. Many of our customers were sensitive about trying new body care products. In fact for many people the idea of trying an unknown brand is even more worrisome. Purelygreat is a small family run business, all our deodorants are EWG Verified™ - a certification that ensure our ingredients and manufacturing methods are up to standards for USA, Canada, EU and Japan! By following up before and after shipping, we make every effort to ensure our customers feel confident about their purchase and we are diligent about addressing any questions and concerns about natural deodorant you may have along the way. As everyones body chemistry is unique, some people have sensitivity issues with our products. Allergies and sensitivities affect many people, and although our track record is great, some customers will experience problems. For some the simple solution has been to move from one of our scented deodorants to our milder unscented product. Although rare, some people experience a period of detox while trying our natural deodorants for the first time. It is necessary for the old, chemical laden products to leave your system and that process may lead to a temporary increase in smell and sweat as your pores release old toxins. After a short period (a week or two) our deodorant should start keeping you smelling fresh. Some people find the act of using fingers to apply the deodorant cream objectionable. However we all apply body creams with our hands, so with armpits it may just take some getting used to. If you really want to look after your health then doing things differently, finding a new path is often the way. Our products ARE different from mainstream commercial deodorants, as such; - they need to be stirred occasionally (because no chemical additives are used to bind them) - they need to be applied by hand - they shouldn't be applied immediately after shaving (wait a few hours) - they may dry out near the bottom of bottle (just add a few drops of water and stir) They do work fabulously well and will keep you smelling great! If you do find you have any concerns about natural deodorant please let us know!