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Self Care is Good for You

Let’s just get straight to the point about self care. You deserve to take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman – the fact is that sometimes, no matter who you are, you forget that your needs should sometimes come first, and that self care is essential to your […]

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The Plant Paradox

The Plant Paradox – Dr. Gundry

Recently A customer told us they found our deodorant in The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry. So of course we went straight over the the local book store and much to our amazement – there we are! Endorsed as a “friendly substitute” for commercial deodorant brands! Once again our EWG Verified status and […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s autumn again! You know what that means: a crispness to the air, pumpkin spice flavored everything, and road trips to enjoy the changing season. Fall is also when we observe Breast Cancer Awareness Month; since 1985, October has been marked as a month of research, education and fundraising for a cure. What began as […]

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Why You Sweat

Wonder Why You Sweat So Much?

It’s the middle of the summer, you’re sitting at home and your AC is broken. In this scenario you can’t help but wonder why you sweat so much? Well the thing is, although sometimes unpleasant, sweating is a necessary function of the human body. It helps to regulate your internal temperature so that you can […]

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14 Reasons To Use EWG Verified Deodorants

14 Reasons To Use EWG Verified Deodorants   Tired of breakouts, itchy armpits and yellow stains on your clothes? It may be time to change your deodorant. Not to a new scent, but to a more natural method. EWG Verified Deodorants are changing the way people sweat, literally. If you’re here, reading this article because […]

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Changes in Body Odor during Menopause

Symptoms of menopause can include an increase in sweat production, which can lead to changes in body odor. Hot flashes and night sweats have a strong effect, although psychological symptoms such as depression, panic attacks, or anxiety can lead to an increase in the incidence of sweating as well. More sweat leads to changes in body […]

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Sprouts-Microgreens-Juicing The Purelygreat team has been getting into some new spring routines lately! Two of our favs are microgreens and juicing! Here are a couple of great blog posts that can help you get started… Sprouts & Microgreens Healthy Juice Recipes For Body Detox

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Summer Travel Toiletries Hacks

Summer travel toiletries hacks

Summer Travel Toiletries Hacks It’s that time of year again – when everyone asks about how much time you are taking off and if you have travel plans for the summer. We spend a lot of time at the cottage but so many of us take the summer as an opportunity to travel to visit family, friends […]

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YES our new plastic jars are BPA-Free!

YES our plastic jars are BPA-Free! Since changing our packaging from glass to BPA-free plastic we have had many inquiries about the plastic we use. Our jars are recyclable and BPA-free! The jar lids and the inner linings of the jars are #5 PP (Polypropylene) and the outer body of the jars are #6 PS (Polystyrene). […]

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Men's Natural Grooming

Men’s Natural Grooming

Photo: carolina saavedra   I was watching my teenage son get ready for a date the other day and I counted the number of men’s natural grooming products he was using. I guess things really don’t change – I would tell my 16 year old self not to overdo it with the hair gel! […]

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Cancer Awareness Month

April is daffodil month in Canada. Yes, the flowers are starting to poke their way through the cold earth and the birds are chirping a little bit louder. But the daffodils I’m referring to are for the cancer awareness campaign run by the Canadian Cancer Society. I take time this month to reflect on friends […]

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Give Pink – Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

10% of our UNSCENTED Cream Deodorant sales are donated to CBCF Give Pink. We know there are many “Pink” charities and over the years many stories have come to light about “PinkWashing”. Stories of companies that purport to donate proceeds of sales to charities that help with breast cancer, but in reality, little if any funds are […]

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Purelygreat Natural Cream Deodorants have been granted the EWG VERIFIED™ seal of approval! We are proud to be the first Canadian company to receive this distinction. For years, we have been listed on EWG’s Skin Deep® cosmetics database providing consumers with detailed information and ratings of cosmetic ingredients and their health risks. The EWG VERIFIED: For […]

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Dry Skin Rescue Balm

Dry Skin and Winter

What to do about those winter dry patches? We have hit a really cold spell in Peterborough, ON, (awesome new hometown of Purelygreat) and have noticed more dry skin – always something to contend with in our Canadian winters! When the hot air is blasting indoors, I get particularly dry skin. I was at a […]

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