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Using Natural Deodorant

These people use natural deodorant – why did they switch?

While I encourage everyone to try Purelygreat, I’m always happy to hear that anyone has switched over to using natural deodorant. I started wondering if everyone’s reasons were the same as mine. After asking around, I realized everyone’s reasons are as different as our body odours 😉

My friend Charlie brought up the fact that he is distrustful of large corporations and their general lack of compassion for the human body. This is an interesting perspective; that some companies will put profit over the quality and health effects of their products. While I can’t make any claim as to whether this is true, the fact is that many of us are feeling this lack of compassion – and this obviously reflects in our choices.

Using Natural Deodorant

Denise switched years ago to using natural deodorant initially because she was avoiding products tested on animals. I hear this all the time from customers – they like to know that the product they choose is ethical in as many ways as possible.

Helen notes that most women’s deodorant is antiperspirant and to her, not sweating seems unnatural. Yes! Sweating is our body’s way of cooling down from exercise, heat or emotional stress.

My friend Megan lives in the Caribbean and tried for years to find a natural product that was effective for such a hot climate. She made the switch to a natural deodorant  initially because some friends were worried about the potential links between certain ingredients and certain health conditions.  I’m pleased to say that Purelygreat was her product of choice in 100 degree weather!!

Some people find that a specific incident compels them to make the switch to using natural deodorant. My sister found a lump in her armpit and was told it was probably clogged pores from the antiperspirant she was using. She tried Purelygreat and the lump went away.

And the reason that made me smile the most? My neighbor Helga argues that commercial deodorants come in disgusting scents that are very artificial. She says “like…why would my armpits smell like watermelon or a fresh meadow?”

So there you go, folks. Just a snapshot of reasons. If any of these pique your curiosity, don’t forget that you can try  Purelygreat for free at;


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