Just wanted to say I give this the “Field-Tested” approval. I’ve used this daily while rock climbing, backpacking, and doing my demanding outdoor field work in strenuous conditions.  I’ve never found a natural product that works as well as this one-and I use such a tiny amount! I was worried it would irritate my skin as other baking soda products did- but it didn’t! I am so relieved I can use a product I feel is safe to use and prevents me from feeling embarrassed about my stinky pits. Thanks!!


I give this the “Field-Tested” approval

Still fresh after intensive work-out. I always had issues with deodorants and anti-perspirants. My skin would have a weird stinky reaction when I used them. I tried every single brand available in the drugstores. Then I went to a dermatologist who suggest to inject my armpits with botox so it would paralyse my sweat glands and I would just not sweat anymore. I refused and tried to use natural products instead. My reaction was not as strong, but the products would not work so well either. Then I discovered PurelyGreat three months ago. It’s crazy. I have no stinky reaction and it really works. I can go by my day, then have a 1-hour body-pump class (muscular training) and a 1-hour zumba class (aerobic training) and my armpits still smell fresh. Not like “Okay”, but really “You can put your nose there, I don’t care” fresh. I’m amazed. Now, I recommand it to every single person I know.

Still fresh after intensive work-out

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is truly an amazing product. I have been using the crystal for maaany years and always had to ‘refresh’ at last once a day, more on the hot days, and even more so lately as my body has been going thru those ‘hot’ moments. Refreshing the crystal at work isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, and so had to wait till I got home. My co-worker told me about this product after he’d been using it for a week and was happy with the results. I’ve been using the citrus one for 5 days and can’t go without doing a ‘smell test’ thru out the day, especially late in the day and or after a workout in the evening. The smell result? Still PurelyGreat!

truly an amazing product

I have tried many different natural deodorants and this is BY FAR the best one out there. It keeps me smelling good all day long. I bought one for my husband as well and it even eliminated his stinky B.O. (and trust me he is stinky). Definitely worth every penny!!! Thank you SO much!!!

Natural Deodorant
Rhiannon Burkitt

I have used the deodorant for a long time and have never been disappointed. My skin is quite sensitive to chemical products, but I find this product does not bother me at all. I also find that it works! Those days when I am forced to use regular deodorant (when I run out of this stuff), it stops working after a few hours, whereas this product works all day, and sometimes, for even a few days! On top of that, a jar of the deodorant lasts a very long time, which makes it a great deal for a whole different reason. Yes indeed, this product comes out smelling like roses, but it deserves to – it really is outstanding!

Smelling Like Roses