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Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

24 Hours of constant head and humidity…Not even a slight scent of BO!

quoteI have used so many natural deodorants. They last about 3 hours for smell and dryness. I am a smelly sweater for a woman and I sweat a lot. I saw on a FB post recommendation for this deodorant so I went to Goodness Me and purchased it. It’s incredible – in one day I rode my bike 2x in 38 degree humidity, then went to work out, all on the day before application of this deodorant. After 24 hours of constant heat and humidity and exercise not even a slight scent of BO. I’m sold and have been using daily and have been forcing friends to try mine and have now converted 4 people. I’m buying this for my other health conscious cousins and aunts!



quoteI always had issues with deodorants and anti-antiperspirants. My skin would have a weird stinky reaction when I used them. I tried every single brand available in the drugstores. Then I went to a dermatologist who suggest to inject my armpits with botox so it would paralyze my sweat glands and I would just not sweat anymore. I refused and tried to use natural products instead. My reaction was not as strong, but the products would not work so well either. Then I discovered PurelyGreat three months ago. It’s crazy. I have no stinky reaction and it really works. I can go by my day, then have a 1-hour body-pump class (muscular training) and a 1-hour zumba class (aerobic training) and my armpits still smell fresh. Not like “Okay”, but really “You can put your nose there, I don’t care” fresh. I’m amazed. Now, I recommend it to every single person I know.

Michelle Laurin

Sticking with Lavender for Women

quoteI love this deodorant! I quit using antiperspirants a long time ago and have tried a few different natural deodorants. With this one there is no smell whatsoever. I will definitely stick with this product.



quoteJust wanted to say I give this the “Field-Tested” approval. I’ve used this daily while rock climbing, backpacking, and doing my demanding outdoor field work in strenuous conditions. I’ve never found a natural product that works as well as this one-and I use such a tiny amount! I was worried it would irritate my skin as other baking soda products did- but it didn’t! I am so relieved I can use a product I feel is safe to use and prevents me from feeling embarrassed about my stinky pits. Thanks!!


Family Pack for the whole family!

quoteThese are natural workhorses of deodorants. My whole family loves Purelygreat!


Spice for men is an excellent product.

quoteExcellent product. I find this deodorant leaves no stains, sticky residue or any such disagreeable feature. The aroma is on point. No exaggeration.


No other deodorant compares…

quoteLook no more…this works and it’s EWG verified. Add your own essential oil if you choose but even if left unscented there’s no other deodorant that compares to purelygreat!

Courtney and Jeremy

Consider me sold on Spice for Men

quoteSo I was skeptical but my wife convinced me to try this deodorant. Always concerned about the effect of chemicals on my health, but didn’t want the embarrassment of smelling. I work hard and sweat a fair amount. Well, this cream is easy to use, smells great, and actually really works. I will never go back to my old aluminum and paragon containing brands. Consider me sold, and healthier.

Michael Polson


Praise For Our Natural Products

Bristles not too hard or soft!

quoteIn use, it’s just like a regular toothbrush – bristles not too hard or soft, looks attractive in my toothbrush jar. The true beauty of it, of course, is its implication A litle but important step we can all take. Bamboo, being anti-microbacterial, is an inspired choice for toothbrush handle material. I hope MyNaturalDeodorant stocks WooBamboo’s natural silk floss as well.


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