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quoteI always had issues with deodorants and anti-antiperspirants. My skin would have a weird stinky reaction when I used them. I tried every single brand available in the drugstores. Then I went to a dermatologist who suggest to inject my armpits with botox so it would paralyze my sweat glands and I would just not sweat anymore. I refused and tried to use natural products instead. My reaction was not as strong, but the products would not work so well either. Then I discovered PurelyGreat three months ago. It’s crazy. I have no stinky reaction and it really works. I can go by my day, then have a 1-hour body-pump class (muscular training) and a 1-hour zumba class (aerobic training) and my armpits still smell fresh. Not like “Okay”, but really “You can put your nose there, I don’t care” fresh. I’m amazed. Now, I recommend it to every single person I know.

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