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Personal care products, chemicals and you

This is an interesting article we found stating that “The average woman uses between 10 and 15 personal care products, averaging 120 chemicals per day.” 
In light of that statistic and mounting evidence relating health issues to chemicals, it is increasingly important to use products that are Paraben free and that have less chemicals which can build up in our bodies over time.
These same chemical cocktails also wreak havoc on the environment as we .

Uses For Baking Soda AKA Natural Soda

Uses For Baking Soda AKA Natural Soda
If you are at all eco-conscious, the notion of using simple basic natural ingredients for most household purposes is top of mind. Of course one of these “old school” ingredients is baking soda, also known as Natural Soda or Sodium Bicarbonate. It has been used since ancient times and is still a primary ingredient in many commercial products. Here is a list of ways this simple natural ingredient can be used in your everyday life. Of course another way to use .