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These people use natural deodorant – why did they switch?

While I encourage everyone to try Purelygreat, I’m always happy to hear that anyone has switched over to natural deodorant. I started wondering if everyone’s reasons were the same as mine. After asking around, I realized everyone’s reasons are as different as our body odours 😉 My friend Charlie brought up the fact that he is distrustful of large corporations and their general lack of compassion for the human body. This is an interesting .

Fragrance and Perfume Ingredients will Surprise You

Fragrance and Perfume Ingredients will Surprise You
We are all aware of the health risks of smoking and second or third hand smoke. Surprisingly, fragrances and perfumes contain the same ingredients. How does your deodorant get it’s scent? If this isn’t enough reason to consider a natural deodorant alternative what would it take to convince you? We share our customer reviews and video testimonials on our site as it is clear people are passionate about using healthy alternatives!

Do you think Tweens and Teens should use a Natural Deodorant?

Adolescence is a developmental phase where a young teen begins puberty and starts to notice physical changes in his or her body. The smell of sweat of a child in the age group of 2 to 8 years is different from that of a teenager. This is because with the onset of puberty, there are many hormonal changes taking place in the body that causes increased sweating. There are two kinds of sweat glands .