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“Evidence suggests that breast cancer can be prevented.”

This new report includes the largest to-date survey of peer-reviewed science on breast cancer and the environment, finding that environmental factors like toxic chemical exposure increase breast cancer risk, and identifies the gaps in research and policies. With all this mounting evidence isn’t it time to reconsider the products you use daily in your house and particularly on your body? Natural Deodorant is one way you can take ownership of your long term health, .

World Cancer Day – improve knowledge about cancer and dispel myths.

In case you missed World Cancer Day, here is a link to an organization fighting for your health! There are many opinions and perspectives on how to go about tackling cancer, often knowledge and awareness are the best first steps. http://environmentaldefence.ca/blog/changing-ideas-about-cancer-prevention In support of cancer research and awareness Purelygreat we will be making a year long contribution to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-Ontario Region through their Give Pink campaign. http://www.mynaturaldeodorant.com/givepink

Fragrance and Perfume Ingredients will Surprise You

Fragrance and Perfume Ingredients will Surprise You
We are all aware of the health risks of smoking and second or third hand smoke. Surprisingly, fragrances and perfumes contain the same ingredients. How does your deodorant get it’s scent? If this isn’t enough reason to consider a natural deodorant alternative what would it take to convince you? We share our customer reviews and video testimonials on our site as it is clear people are passionate about using healthy alternatives!

Breast Cancer Risk May Be Linked to Toxic Environmental Factors

Here’s a link to a great article and report with information about the ongoing risk of breast cancer and environmental factors. Cancer can take decades to develop, and over time we’re all exposed to thousands of compounds. Connecting the dots isn’t easy. But here’s what we do know: About 34,000 cancer deaths a year are due to environmental pollutants. The report found the strongest evidence for secondhand smoke; chemicals in gas fumes, car exhaust .