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Refer A Friend Program

Refer a Friend Program - Purelygreat


For each friend you invite who becomes a new customer, we’ll send you a new Coupon Code for 20% Off any product on our site*.
Your friend will get 20% off their first purchase as well! 

You can accumulate coupons in your account, but they expire 60 Days from when you earn them.  We will send you an email when you earn a coupon!
To see what you have earned, simply go to your My Account/Referral page.


  1. The easiest way is to post a message on Facebook or Twitter.  Simply Click one of the social sharing buttons below and add your own personal message.
  2. You can also send email to specific friends who might like to try a Natural Deodorant (and save 20%) by entering their name and email addresses in the boxes below (click the + symbol to add more names and emails).
  3. If you want to write your own email or post, copy your Referral Link shown below and paste it into an email or social media post.  When someone buys after clicking on that link, you will get credit for it and earn a 20% Off coupon!

* You will earn a new coupon code for each referral who becomes a NEW customer.  Not valid for current customers.  You will be notified by email when you earn a new coupon, and you may also look at what you have earned on your My Account page.