New natural products skin routines for a new season!

New natural products skin routines for a new season!

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Most people make their yearly resolutions in January. I find that I don’t keep those – maybe because of the cold weather or maybe because it gets dark at 4pm and sometimes I’d rather stay in bed than hit the gym. But I do find that as the snow melts and the days start getting longer, I begin to think about what changes I want to make in my life – new season, new routines. Last year I made a point of trying to consciously do things that made other people smile. I said hi to more people on the street (something a bit out of the ordinary for a Torontonian!) and I volunteered with my family at a dinner and shelter program. For many people I know, taking care of themselves and their bodies is always high on their lists of resolutions – and something timely for the spring as we shed the winter coats. At this time of year, many clients ask us about what natural products we carry (in addition to natural deodorant). At Purelygreat we have a fantastic (personally tested!) selection of natural products and natural deodorants that work which can help you start some new, healthy skin routines. Some ideas? Here you go! The shower gelShower Gel

 we carry is great to use post run or work-out (don’t we all resolve to exercise more!?). This is the time I start to do my outdoor runs and I trust this shower gel to keep me fresh and ready to spend my day making Purelygreat natural deodorant. In our line of natural products we also carry soaps


you can add to your new spring routines –  superb natural products made from simple ingredients that work great for all skin types particularly temperamental skin still reeling from the winter dryness. Or if you are resolving to get out in the dating world and you want a natural deodorant that works, try ours (free sample!). I can’t promise you will meet *the one* but I can promise you won’t smell while doing it! So whatever your plans are: cheers to spring!

About Debbie Cohen

Debbie - Founder/Mompreneur/Healer/Developer of Great Formulas at Purelygreat Purelygreat is a family run business founded in 2011, in Toronto, Canada, we have recently relocated to Peterborough Ontario. Over the years Debbie has dabbled in lots of stuff, including working in group homes, seniors fitness, rec programs, and was the founder of the 55 Plus Outdoors Club. In her 30's she took a mishmash of entrepreneurial jobs to survive, including working in reflexology for ten years. This was when she met her partner Philip and they brought Matthew into the world (now 14 and a half). After visiting a bazaar and coming across a natural deodorant, a new business idea began percolating in her brain. Long story short, as a healer Debbie found her passion of natural products, became a raving fan, bought some deodorant wholesale, started a tribe of natural deodorant users, took a workshop on how to make it, spent years perfecting the formulas, built a lab, dragged her husband into the business and gave him time to fall in love with it. Fast forward 5 years later they now serve thousands of natural lifestyle customers worldwide.

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