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New Customers – Your First Jar

Thanks for trying our deodorant!

Many new customers ask us similar questions.
So for those of you trying our products for the first time…


What is the liquid I see at top?
If you see a liquid at top of jar when you open it, that means the product has separated (which is natural).
This is the vegetable glycerin separating from the baking soda and cornstarch base. PLEASE STIR BEFORE USING.

Will I have to stir it every time I use it?
This should only have to be done occasionally. But if you don’t stir it you may find the essential oils too strong under your arms.

How much do I need to use?
Use sparingly you only need a little, about a small dab on your fingertip. (see “How-To-Use” page)

How do I apply the deodorant?
Apply a small amount down the center of the armpit and you are done!

Will it stain clothing?
Our water-based underarm deodorant will wash out of clothes unless you use too much.

Can I apply after shaving my underarms?
Underarm deodorant should not be applied soon after shaving as it may cause irritation.

My deodorant has dried-up can it still be used?
If you find the product drying up just add a bit of water and stir!

Detox period
Some people experience a detox period when changing from an aluminum or chemical based product to a natural product. It is an important time as your armpits are ridding themselves of a build-up of toxins. Be excited you are doing a good thing for your body. You may sweat and smell more and during the first week or two you may get a rash or dry skin. Be patient as your body acclimatizes.

Our products are all natural, however sensitivity to ingredients may vary, see list of ingredients for any known allergies or sensitivities you may have. Should you experience any irritation discontinue use.

Do not use immediately after shaving underarms.

For any other questions please contact us directly.


or by phone: 416-993-2561

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