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New Hydrating Lotions – Natural Ingredients

hydrating lotions - all natural - 2 scentsPurelygreat All-Natural Hydrating Lotions – No Bad Stuff!

Purelygreat Natural Hydrating Lotions are incredibly creamy and moisturizing without being greasy.  The secret is a special combination of sunflower oil, avocado oil and coconut oil.

These oils are high in vitamins E and D, among others and help to keep our skin young and healthy since it is exposed to a lot of sunlight, cold and wind which can be both drying and damaging. Our lotions can be used on the face as well as the rest of your body.

Your skin will feel hydrated and nourished!

These Hydrating Lotions also happen to smell incredible, so using them is also a great way to smell wonderful without using chemical perfumes : )

Sunflower and avocado oil are high in vitamin E, A and D and are very effective in both penetrating and moisturizing the skin, but also creating a protective barrier.  Aloe Vera helps to stimulate cell regeneration as well as improve skin elasticity.

You obviously care about what you put into and on your body (as well as for your family and friends), so just like me, you look to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) to find products that are all-natural and good for the environment. The EWG works hard to ensure that people like you and me are informed so that we can take consistent, positive action.

Perhaps you’ve tried other “natural” lotions and they just weren’t very good.  They can often be greasy, not very hydrating, or they can cause a reaction making you itchy and uncomfortable .  We’re confident our new All-Natural Lotions will impress you!  Give our Lotion Bundle a try today and get a discount and FREE Shipping.two-deodorant-and-2-lotions

As With All of Our Products –
– Good for You. Good for Our Environment!

No GMO’s

No Synthetic Ingredients

No Fragrances (Just Essential Oils)

No Petroleum-based Products

No Parabens

No Gluten

No Animal Testing


If you have Allergies or Skin Sensitivities, this might be the product for you. 

Check out David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen of Cosmetic Chemicals.  Of course none or these or thousands of other potentially dangerous chemicals are contained in our Purelygreat Lotions – or any of our products for that matter!

Try it today!  Click here for the Lotion-Bodywash-Deodorant Bundle, including Free Shipping.

Shop-Our-Natural-products-SectionAnd if you are interested in other All-Natural products such as our new soaps, body wash, oral hygeine and skin-care, you can see them all by Clicking Here.

Purelygreat is a family run business founded in 2011, in Toronto, Canada, and recently relocated to Peterborough, Canada.

Learn more about Debbie and Purelygreat on our About Us page.


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