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Just wanted to say I give this the “Field-Tested” approval. I’ve never found a natural product that works as well as this one - and I use such a tiny amount! I was worried it would irritate my skin as other baking soda products did- but it didn’t! Thanks!

Amy H.

I always had issues with deodorants and antiperspirants. My skin would have a weird stinky reaction when I used them. I tried every single brand available in the drugstores. Then I discovered PurelyGreat three months ago. It’s crazy. I can go by my day, then have a 1-hour body-pump class and a 1-hour zumba class and my armpits still smell fresh!

Michelle L.

Wow! Wow! Wow! This is truly an amazing product. I have been using the crystal for maaany years and always had to ‘refresh’ at least once a day, more on the hot days…I’ve been using the citrus one for 5 days … The smell result? Still PurelyGreat!

Kim D.

This stuff rocks! My skeptical husband was even converted after just one use, and he especially likes the Spice scented one for men. We both use the product daily, through many activities including weight lifting and aerobic workouts, and it has never let us down. I LOVE it! 🙂



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