Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness Month

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Cancer Awareness

April is daffodil month in Canada. Yes, the flowers are starting to poke their way through the cold earth and the birds are chirping a little bit louder. But the daffodils I’m referring to are for the cancer awareness campaign run by the Canadian Cancer Society. I take time this month to reflect on friends and family who have been touched by the disease. I am also thankful for the health of myself and my family. Indeed one of the reasons Deb and I started Purelygreat was to provide our family with healthy options for personal care and cancer awareness is one of the reasons that many of our customers say they have moved to all natural products.

Deb and I decided when we started Purelygreat that cancer awareness was an important factor for us so we decided to put our money where our mouth is and donate 10% of our proceeds from our unscented deodorant to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

I recognize that I am not an expert in a position to make sweeping claims about the safety of the ingredients in the typical bathroom cabinet. But I do think I can share my own opinion which is that I want to be familiar with the ingredients I am putting on my skin. I want to know that there have been no links to cancer or other health problems.  I read a very interesting article in Time Magazine last year about this very topic. The experts agreed that the link between certain chemicals in personal care products and cancer is complex and evolving. This lack of information leaves us, the consumers, largely in the dark.  While more studies are currently being conducted to test the safety of ingredients like aluminum and parabens in anti-perspirants, I choose to take a preventative approach rather than worry!

But I didn’t want customers to just have to take our word that you can trust your health with Purelygreat. We now have the EWG VERIFIED™ seal of approval. This is a seal of approval awarded by the Environmental Working Group to products that meet a very strict set of standards in their ingredients. Consumers can confidently purchase products with the seal knowing the research and testing has been done to ensure they are safe for long-term use.

So from our family to yours, stay healthy and enjoy the daffodils.

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A professional photographer by trade, Philip was a pioneer user of Photoshop (If you're old enough to laugh at this joke, this means you're over 40). Always an entrepreneur in the advertising industry - Philip started a boutique agency which specialized in Corporate Communications. Philip and Debbie were married in 2000 and became partners in both business and in life. A passionate cottager, Philip and the family enjoy paddling, photography, hiking and swimming. You'll often find Philip attempting to do his MacGyver fixes around the property. Philip's giveback to the community includes a decade of commitment to The First Interfaith Out of the Cold Homeless shelter as a volunteer on the Steering Committee.

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