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renewable energy

How to Use Renewable Energy in Your Daily Life

Although non-renewable resources such as oil and coal provide power to more areas of the world than any other source, renewable energy sources are gaining more ground and becoming economically viable. Solar, wind and hydroelectric energy are zero-emissions resources with an infinite supply of energy and becoming more prevalent in commercial and residential areas. Ordinary […]

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6 Advantages of Owning an Electric Vehicle

Although the internal combustion engine is the preferred power source for vehicles worldwide, electric cars are quickly gaining ground. More countries, including the United States, offer incentives for electric car purchases, and access to charging stations has increased significantly. As batteries become more efficient and affordable, more drivers will appreciate the benefits of purchasing vehicles […]

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes

How you choose to live your life can have a big impact on the environment. Many things that most people take for granted are causing pollution and waste that are damaging and depleting our natural resources. The things that you do each day; from driving your car to grabbing takeout food from a restaurant, all […]

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Forest Bathing is Healthy

There has been much written about the benefits of forest bathing. While this may seem like a crazy urban fad, there are many people who don’t have access to the forest – beyond a city park, and many people have never had the opportunity to experience spending time out in nature and find the idea […]

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Foraging Mushrooms At The Cottage

On the theme of Embracing a Natural Lifestyle, foraging is often overlooked. There are many great websites, Facebook groups and sources of information online about identifying and preparing different plants and mushrooms for eating and medicinal use. I had my first foray into Foraging mushrooms recently while Deb and I were at the cottage. Growing […]

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Plant Based Meal

A Plant Based New Year

When Deb and I agreed to set out on a family road trip over the holidays with our son Matthew, we never suspected we would also be setting out on a journey towards adopting a plant based vegan diet! In fact, I was pretty sure that our trip to New Orleans, LA would include opportunities […]

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17 Stocking Stuffer Options

It can be easy to buy gifts for your family, even your friends. You know what your children have been eyeing all year. Your spouse has hinted at that patio furniture more than once. And even your in-laws can be appeased with a good stock of imported tea as a stocking stuffer. But over the […]

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The Plant Paradox

The Plant Paradox – Dr. Gundry

Recently a customer emailed us about how they found our deodorant in The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R. Gundry. So of course we went straight over to the local book store and much to our amazement – there we were! Endorsed in the book as a “friendly substitute” for commercial deodorant brands! Once again […]

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YES our new plastic jars are BPA-Free!

Since changing our packaging from glass jars to BPA-free plastic jars we have had many inquiries about the plastic we use. Our jars are recyclable and BPA-free! The jar lids and the inner linings of the jars are #5 PP (Polypropylene) and the outer body of the jars are #6 PS (Polystyrene). It indicates Recycle […]

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men's natural grooming

Men’s Natural Grooming Products

Photo: carolina saavedra https://www.flickr.com/photos/127528419@N06/with/15359891887/ I was watching my teenage son get ready for a date the other day and I counted the number of men’s natural grooming products he was using. I guess things really don’t change – I would tell my 16 year old self not to overdo it with the hair gel! The […]

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cancer awareness month

Cancer Awareness Month

April is daffodil month in Canada. Yes, the flowers are starting to poke their way through the cold earth and the birds are chirping a little bit louder. But the daffodils I’m referring to are for the cancer awareness campaign run by the Canadian Cancer Society. I take time this month to reflect on friends […]

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